Where: La Mezcaleria - Gastown

When: Monday Oct 22, 2018

Time: 6pm till late

Taking place at La Mezcaleria’s Gastown location (68 East Cordova Street), the culinary pop-up will offer a creative selection of off-menu items inspired by the prohibition era, the period from 1920 to 1933 when the production,transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages was banned in the United States. During this time, Mexico became a major source of tequila, rum, and other illegal liquors, which were distributed to its northern neighbours throughstates such as California and Texas.


Collaboration with our friends “ROUGH And Tumble”

“This pop-up with Rough & Tumble allows us to push our creative boundaries in the kitchen, while transporting guests to the raucous speakeasies of the prohibition era with the imaginative spirit that La Mezcaleria has come to be known for,” said Gabilondo. “I’ve taken special care to craft the flavor of each dish so that they honour both the time period and Rough & Tumble’s original potions.” Chef Mariana Gabilondo - La Mezcaleria